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Lamart broadens its market reach with a Teckwin Shark TS 5000HF LED printer from Magenta Vision

  • Publicado el 15 de Octubre de 2020

Leading Polish large format printer Lamart has broadened its market capabilities and won new work after investing in a TECKWIN SHARK TS 5000HF LED printer from Magenta Vision, just after FESPA 2019 to further support its responsive service delivery.

Lamart broadens its market reach with a Teckwin Shark TS 5000HF LED printer from Magenta Vision

The Łomianki, near Warsaw, operation is one of the leading Polish printing companies producing outdoor advertising on all types of surfaces. Today, it works with some of the largest agencies in the country. Its rapid growth follows a highly considered investment strategy, developed to responsively address a vibrant market. An approach that saw it last year completing orders for 960,000 square meters, of which 270,000 square meters were produced with the TECKWIN printer.

The TECKWIN SHARK TS 5000HF LED printer is a high-speed, super-wide roll-to-roll UV LED press with a maximum print width of 5 meters and equipped with up to 16 printheads. It offers various resolutions from 397 x 800 dpi (at 270 square meters per hour) to 1191 x 1200 dpi (at 68 square meters per hour).

Maciej Zawadzki, Lamart’s owner explains he wanted to invest in a printing technology that would allow Lamart to complete orders smoothly during production peaks. He says: “We reviewed what was available on the market. We were looking for a printer that would provide us with above-average quality, to compliment the fast systems we already had that were able to print up to 150 m per hour, or 5,000 to 6,000 meters of mesh a day. We also wanted to add solid banners up to 500 m2. This is where the TECKWIN proved to be the best solution for us, guaranteeing the highest quality prints. The photographic quality it achieves ensures we retain our leadership in the market while maintaining a speed of up to 170 m2 per hour, exactly what we were looking for.”

He continues: “We regularly produce a lot of large standard size banners and with the TECKWIN we are able to print, cut, and have the material ready for heat sealing. It's amazing how this investment improved our entire production. It is so easy now. The TECKWIN’s slitter immediately cuts the banners lengthways. This reduces time spent on post-production by up to 30% and increases productivity as less time is spent on manual activities.”

The TECKWIN printer was fully integrated from day one: “Investing in the Teckwin has also enabled us to cooperate with a German customer who is basically among the top three banner suppliers in Europe. Its ability to support our ongoing commitment towards improved automation, cyclical production and the delivery of high quality printed products has provided us with a firm footing in an extremely difficult time.”

The printer will also support the company’s production during what Lamart predicts will be a busy last few months of the year: “We anticipate an extremely busy end of the year. That's why investing in the TECKWIN was so important - not least because the quality offered by the TECKWIN is fantastic. It also provides us with great versatility of the surfaces we can print on, making our offerings much more diverse, which in turn enables us to attract customers from markets previously unavailable to us.

Mr. Zawadzki concludes: “We had plans to break the record this year and print over 1 million m2. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible. We are very much looking forward to further pursuing our cooperation with Magenta Vision in 2021, after all we have known each other for 17 years and they have been a trusted partner since the foundation of Lamart 11 years ago!” Charles Poot-Baudier, Managing Director at Magenta Vision, comments: “It is great to hear that, despite these challenging months, a dynamic operation such as Lamart is exploring new markets and growing its business with our leading technology.”

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