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Meech releases white paper focusing on the Importance of contaminant-free EV battery cell manufacturing

  • Publicado el 22 de Julio de 2022

Meech International has released a white paper focusing on the crucial role static control and web cleaning plays within the battery manufacturing process. As global demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) continues its steep upward trajectory, more and more attention is turning towards the challenges of expanding regional EV battery supply in order to meet future needs.

Meech releases white paper focusing on the Importance of contaminant-free EV battery cell manufacturingBattery performance, reliability and safety plays a critical role in the success of any EV - without its beating heart, no matter how good its design - the vehicle is just an inanimate object. And yet, the performance, or in some cases catastrophic failure of its battery, can literally make or break the success of a vehicle and the car manufacturer's reputation as they transition more heavily into this sector. To add to this, the huge demand from EV manufacturers is placing unprecedented pressures on suppliers to keep apace, adding further to the pressure for optimising battery production output and minimising waste.

Within the complexities of cell manufacturing, be that based on lithium-ion or hydrogen fuel-cell technology, there are many processes where either static or contamination can build-up resulting in wide-reaching detrimental effects on the battery's performance and safety, not to mention, profitability and market success.

While many of the challenges and solutions highlighted are relevant to most types of cell technology, the white paper focuses specifically on the importance of maintaining clean, neutrally charged components within the manufacture of lithium-ion cells. It will also examine the role that specialist suppliers of contamination removal and static control can play throughout the production process, to ensure clean and safe environments for the optimum manufacture of high-quality, high-performance cells.

Meech offers a dedicated approach to surface contamination and static charge removal with a range of solutions, tailored to the battery manufacturing industry, which can be matched to the material, process and contamination type, highlighted in the white paper.

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