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ISRA VISION and Perceptron begin strategic partnership

  • Publicado el 01 de Enero de 2021

Sweden’s Atlas Copco Group has acquired the American technology specialist Perceptron. With the signing of the acquisition agreements on December 18, the global leader in sustainable productivity solutions from Sweden further expanded its Machine Vision Solutions business unit.

ISRA VISION and Perceptron begin strategic partnership

The first step in this machine vision strategy was the strategic partnership struck with ISRA VISION in early 2020. The combination of the two businesses creates an incredibly well positioned and powerful specialist for 3D machine vision and robot-based industrial automation.

ISRA VISION is the global market leader for surface inspection systems for web materials, and is one of the world’s leading providers of image processing programs. It specializes in 3D machine vision, particularly for 3D robot vision. Perceptron is the global leader in automated 3D measuring solutions and coordinate measurement systems. Top players from the automotive, aerospace and forestry industries have been using its laser-based systems for quality assurance in complex production processes for over 30 years.

As a result of the partnership, the products from ISRA VISION and Perceptron combine to offer a unique and comprehensive portfolio for automating key applications along the entire automotive production line. At the same time, both companies will expand their market coverage for machine vision applications around the world. Their globally unique and highly advanced product portfolios will complement each other, offering customers a one-stop shop for all products and image processing applications for production in future.

Together, these pioneers in 3D measuring technology and 3D robot guidance are taking the next step in Industry 4.0, with the aim of making smart factory automation even smarter. To do so, they will combine their technologies for the new generation of 3D products with the integration of Industry 4.0 standards for in-line, at-line and off-line applications.

The new strategic partners have a clear goal: expand market share in America and the Asia Pacific region to over 50 percent. This will involve exploiting cross-selling opportunities and expanding their local presence with service, technical support and sales resources. Moving into new markets will also lead to accelerated growth.The Atlas Copco Group will as owner provide with financial and strategic support in order to continue long term investments within R&D and sustainable development.

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