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Kyocera helps businesses optimise time consuming processes during ‘Get Organised Week’


In the modern economy, every organisation is facing pressure to be more productive than ever before. Get Organised Week is a concept that provides companies with the perfect opportunity to innovate and consider new ways in which processes can be streamlined and optimised, an objective shared by KYOCERA Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, throughout their decades of experience.

Perhaps unbelievably in the era of modern innovation and technology, a study by International Data Corporation found that the average knowledge professional spends as long as nine hours per week looking for files, leading to not only wasted time and resources, but also wasted money.

With those figures in mind, it’s clear that businesses need to optimise the way in which they handle the management and storage of company files and data. Every day, firms handle a wide variety of file types, from printed or handwritten invoices and receipts to emailed contracts. Creating and utilising a uniform system from which all of those files are accessible can be a challenge, particularly for small to medium sized enterprises. Yet, it is an essential one to face given that IDC’s study found that such systems can offer a return on investment of anywhere from 38% to over 600%.

Kyocera helps businesses optimise time consuming processes during ‘Get Organised Week’

KYOCERA Document Solutions have anticipated the needs of the market and a key way to improve efficiency with the launch of the ultimate solution in the form of KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM). The solution enables all documents and data within a company to be quickly processed and adapted so that computers can read them instantly. Scanned documents can easily be converted into editable formats such as PDF with the software and enables all employees to easily access stored information, saving up to nine hours per week that the average employee spends searching for data or files. This is pivotal for organisations or departments, such as legal or logistics teams, who are required to handle a significant amount of paperwork by uniting and storing all data in a single system, thereby accessing files in just a few simple clicks.

With KCM, businesses can take the next big step in their digital transformation journey by improving processes and becoming more efficient. In many cases, an investment in capture management systems such as KCM is the first move into a more productive organisation.

“Get Organised Week is the ideal opportunity for organisations to consider which of their processes can be easily automated”, explains Michael Powell, Expert Software Product Management at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe. “KCM is a key part of that process and provides any company with the basic tools needed to improve efficiency”.

With KCM, usually complex tasks within the office are automated, saving employees time and enabling businesses to become faster and more efficient. Businesses should always ask themselves how they could work better and more efficiently, and with Get Organised Week they have the perfect opportunity to consider new ways to innovate and improve their daily operations.

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