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56% of European companies recognise the need to prioritise data protection, Kyocera Document Solutions Europe report finds


Over half of European companies have identified data protection as a priority, although firms are still struggling to find the most effective way to keep their information secure. The finding comes from a report by Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, who reports that the answer lies in secure digital archiving.

Enhanced security is one of the primary benefits of such technology. The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union in May 2018 has only further emphasised the importance of safeguarding private information. Companies are now opening their eyes to the implications of these new regulations.

“In our modern business environment, security is something that should be a top priority for all companies. In fact, it is surprising to see that it was only considered to be a priority by just over half,” explained Michael Powell, Expert Software Product Management at Kyocera Document Solutions Europe.

56% of European companies recognise the need to prioritise data protection, Kyocera Document Solutions Europe report finds

“Digital archiving is a fundamental way in which organisations can keep their documents safe. With so much information to process, we no longer live in a world where there is any logic in storing everything on paper. By archiving your data digitally, companies are not only more secure, but they can also cut their costs and improve their efficiency,” Powell continued.

It also helps businesses to gain control over the expenses related to their operations. In addition to the high cost of physical storage space, printing out unnecessary copies uses up valuable resources. Alternatively, digital storage solutions provide a much cheaper alternative, whether on site or off site.

Digital archiving also improves operational efficiency. For instance, document retrieval is streamlined and optimised, meaning that workers only need to type in a few key words into a digital search platform, rather than physically sifting through filing cabinets and stacks of paper for a document which may not even be stored on site. This also lays down a foundation for enhanced collaboration. In 52% of marketing departments, collaboration with sales team is a top priority and digital archiving provides the platform to do just that. By sharing documents and storage, information can easily be accessed and shared across different teams.

Kyocera Document Solutions Europe strives to provide businesses with the tools they need to become more secure, productive and profitable. With technology such as Content Services and the guidance provided in Kyocera’s whitepaper, enterprises can enhance the process of archiving their data securely and effortlessly.

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