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Konica Minolta France launches new deluxe MGI showroom


With the excitement and energy of a major sports or entertainment event, the leadership of Konica Minolta France proudly opened the doors to an advanced MGI "Creative Experience" Industrial Print facility outside Paris during a two days gala held from June 25-26th.

The debut of the sparkling and luxurious "Customer Engagement Center" (CEC) featured a grand entrance through an art gallery-style presentation of MGI and Konica Minolta decorative digital solutions designed for corporate print buyers and consumer brands.

Over 300 attendees witnessed a remarkable display of packaging, label and commercial print application samples being produced and embellished with JETvarnish 3D, Meteor Unlimited Colors and Accurio digital presses.

Konica Minolta France launches new deluxe MGI showroom

Konica Minolta France President Jean Claude Comillet, MGI CEO Edmond Abergel and Executive Vice President Victor Abergel presided at the event and delivered keynote speeches about the future of digital printing technologies. Konica Minolta and MGI Staff welcomed guests with gift bags of souvenir samples emblazoned with the occasion's "Creative Experience" theme.

International print industry guests, customers and media were presented with expert analysis on technology trends and market dynamics. Printers, converters and leading brand owners also participated in various workshops to explore the dramatic impact of MGI technology to optimize print campaign success, strengthen customer relationships and improve profitable revenue streams.

Seven shared MGI & Konica Minolta customers presented examples of their production expertise to agencies, brands and the press. Printers from across Europe also engaged in numerous educational programs designed to highlight the increased profitability and lower operational costs resulting from implementation of JETvarnish 3D variable special effects (such as 2D/3D Varnish & Embossed Foil).

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