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MS Printing Solutions to launch new JPK UV at FESPA 2018


MS Printing Solutions has announced the launch of a new UV printer at the FESPA Global Print Expo 2018, which runs from 15 to 18 May in Berlin. The new printer, the JPK UV, is a high capacity, multipass printer that uses UV LED curable inks. Based on the already successful JPK water-based ink model, the new printer aims to fill a growing need for high-volume UV LED roll-to-roll production, with primary customers expected to be traditional flexo or helio users who want to convert to digital printing.

Using broadly similar technology to MS’s existing machine portfolio, the JPK has been developed to provide high capacity with low running costs, while jumbo rolls for unwinding and rewinding allow for 24/7 industrial operation. Klaas Kackmann-Schneider, MS Printing Solution’s Non-Textile Business Development Manager, says, “The new JPK UV has been designed as an alternative to existing analogue printing solutions, thus allowing traditional printing businesses to make the move to digital. Initially, we saw this phenomena with smaller production fields requiring high amounts of customization – when flexibility to produce on demand, rather than the cost of printing, was the key factor. Now, however, this minimal run length is changing. The break-even point is moving and nowadays customers are demanding digital printers that can produce higher outputs at lower costs. The JPK UV is the ideal printer to fulfill this growing demand.”

MS Printing Solutions to launch new JPK UV at FESPA 2018

The primary target market for the new printer is now large-scale industrial users of printing technology, for whom reductions in run lengths and collection lifetimes are now making digital printing a possibility. Examples in this field include interior decoration products such as flooring, furniture laminates and wall murals, and outdoor products such as building panels and door laminates.

According to Paolo Milini, President MS Printing Solutions, “As a company, we place a great deal of emphasis on constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers. Our mission is to help them become more productive by providing them with products tailored to specific printing needs. Digital printing is making inroads into the traditional analogue printing markets, and this is because the technology continues to move forward. Digital printing is now robust enough to take on the longer print runs needed by industrial users, while at the same time the reduction in the cost of digital printing is making it more accessible.”

The JPK UV will be showcased at FESPA 2018. For further information on this or other MS Printing Solution products, please get in touch with Sébastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing and Communications.

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