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GMG enables multi-color profiling without test charts


GMG, the leading developer of high-end color management solutions launches GMG OpenColor 2.1, a new release of its award-winning multichannel profiling software. GMG OpenColor, which has proved itself to be the most powerful tool on the market for multicolor profiles for packaging proofing.

Profiles can now be created without a test chart GMG OpenColor 2.1 now offers a measurement capability for custom patches. Whereas previously customers would require a specific test chart to create a color profile, GMG OpenColor 2.1 enables the measurement of full-tone patches from a print control strip, or even solid patches and tint patches on the running printed sheet and to create a profile from the captured spectral data, something no other profiling tool can achieve.

Automatic detection of optical brighteners The second key development in GMG OpenColor 2.1 is the inclusion of a detection tool for optical brighteners, which overcomes the issue customers face when they want to create a profile for a substrate and find that the proof doesn’t match the print as it hasn’t taken account of the optical brighteners in the printing material. However, when a customer measures a test chart, mini-strip or patches using GMG OpenColor 2.1, the software identifies optical brighteners in the substrate and recommends the correct measuring mode settings and the use of a proofing paper that also contains optical brighteners, e.g. GMG ProofMedia OBA series.


Peter Schoeffler, Product Manager at GMG, comments: “GMG OpenColor has become the indispensable profiling solution for any package printer or company printing spot colors on materials such as ceramics, tissue or beverage cans. For color-accurate proofing of spot color overprints, GMG OpenColor is the only available solution. Customers are now able to precisely predict spot colors and the interaction between them. It even allows them to create a profile from any measurement captured from a running print job.”

According to Schoeffler, customers can now expect turnaround times reduced by up to 50%, set-up times decreased by up to 30%, characterization runs reduced or even eliminated, and fewer plates required, meaning less waste and increased profits.”

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