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HSM show Securio with IntelligentDrive innovative and comfortable


The three document shredders from the HSM SECURIO Professional line are distinguished by their smoothness and perfectly matched cutting mechanisms for consistently high cutting performance. The large collection volume means that few emptying intervals are needed, which makes them perfect for large workgroups of up to 15 people. Depending on the operating mode, the innovative drive and control concept provides up to 40 % higher throughput performance or works up to 30 % more quietly than previous models.

Three different operating modes are available - Silent for particularly silent operation, which is a great benefit in offices, Standard with optimum throughput at low noise levels and Performance for maximum cutting and throughput performance. The intuitive operation and multilingual menus are displayed on a high-resolution 4.3” touch display with swipe functionality. Relevant information, such as operating mode and status messages, are displayed there. Consumables, mechanical information and contact details, can also be viewed. Furthermore, warning and error messages, as well as the troubleshooting procedure, are shown on the display.

The standby and shut-off mechanisms provide high energy savings. After one minute of non-use, the paper shredder enters standby mode and the units switch off automatically after eight hours. Through the smart remedying of paper jams, the system automatically recognises early on if too much paper has been fed. The unit reverses or briefly takes in more power and loads the paper.

In addition to these standard, built-in features, HSM provides innovative options, such as the separate CD cutting unit, for the three models of the HSM SECURIO P line. This media-cutting unit with collection container effortlessly crushes CDs and DVDs, as well as credit cards and store cards, into small particles to a size of 4 x 7 millimetres. The shredded material can then be disposed of according to type. Another optional feature is metal detection. This feature is particularly suitable for high security levels, since it protects the cutting unit and stops the unit when metal parts, such as staples, enter. These can be removed and the shredding process continued.

Dealers are provided with extensive promotional material to support their sales activities. In addition to classic images and usage videos, dealers also have access to various brochures and flyers, which can be used for promotion at the end customers.

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